SOU threat response causes student concern

SOU Science building

ASHLAND, Ore. — After a note threatening to bring a gun to the Southern Oregon University campus was found Monday morning, students are questioning the school’s response.

The note was discovered in the science building, the author threatening to bring a gun to campus.

Campus Public Safety and Ashland Police investigated and searched nearby buildings but didn’t find any immediate threat. About noon, the University sent an email to the campus, describing what had happened.

The school says they take threats seriously and notifies students in what they feel would be the best way possible without creating too much of a panic.

“It depends on the veracity of the threat,” explained SOU’s Joe Mosley. “In this case, we felt an email was the appropriate way to go.”

SOU Student Josh Blank says an email just isn’t enough.

“It just seemed very insensitive and not proactive at all — and I feel like they allowed us to be put in danger.”

Blank says he would have liked to at least seen the Science Building closed and received a text message about the threat.

An SOU counselor was made available for students to talk to about the incident.

Anyone with information on the threat is being asked to contact campus public safety.

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