Woman dies at Klamath Falls wood product plant

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – A local woman is dead after what her loved ones are calling an “accident” at a Klamath Falls plant last Saturday.

It happened at the hardboard siding plant at Collins Products On Highway 66.

Collins’ president, Eric Schooler, tells us the incident is being investigated both internally and by OSHA.

Schooler didn’t want to speculate as to what caused the fatal accident but said it happened in the finishing department of the hardboard siding facility at 3 a.m. on Saturday.

This is the first fatal accident that he can recall at the 24-hour plant.

Schooler said the Klamath Falls plant has operated there since 1996 and has about 250 people working there.

A GoFundMe* identified the woman who died as 36-year-old Amber Heavilin. It’s raised more than $7,000 dollars of its $10,000 goal in just 2 days.

OSHA confirmed it has opened an investigation into the fatal incident.

OSHA, which stands for Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration, said it does do not discuss the status or details of ongoing investigations.  However, it can share the results of its investigations once they are complete.

A spokesperson for the state agency told NBC5 News the point of its investigations are to determine whether violations of workplace safety requirements occurred. If it identifies any violations, then it can issue citations which can carry penalties. It can also require employers to correct serious violations.

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