Man catches 112 lb. catfish in N.C.

1201-catfishWilmington, N.C. (WWAY/CNN) — You have to stop and get a look at a 112 pound fish a man caught in North Carolina. This is not just a big fish story, he’s got proof!

“Well, when I hooked up with him I felt like I had something really big,” said fisherman Riahn Brewinton.

At that moment last week, Brewington had no idea what he just hooked. In fact, he wasn’t even sure he was going to be able to pull it out of the water.

“I was expecting him to snap the line.” Because Brewington said he was not using a big rod. “On a small reel.”

Somehow, the line held as Brewington battled for 30 minutes to reel in the fish. “He took all of the string out two times and I thought I was going to lose him.”

After all that, Brewington said he finally got to see what exactly was at the other end of his line.

“I didn’t realize how big he was until I actually got my hands underneath him,” said Brewinton. At 112 pounds, the catfish is only 5 pounds away from the state record, but it’s still the biggest fish on his record. “I feel pretty good about it. I wish it was a little bit bigger so I could beat it of course, but I’m happy with the catch.”

So where exactly was that catch? “It was on the Cape Fear River… on the Northeast Cape Fear River,” said Brewer.

So what do you do with a 112-pound catfish? Brewington said he released it back in the river. That means you might have a chance to catch it, too.

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