Medford doctor is doing away with insurance

Medford, Ore.– A Medford doctor will stop working with health insurance companies and offer a subscription based medical plan.  It’s called direct primary care and while it strays from the healthcare norm, Dr. Dhillip Olshausen says the benefits are worth it.

“Doctors are just as unhappy as a lot of patients are and it all comes back to ‘where has the time gone that we can spend with each other’, says Olshausen.

Like any primary care physician Dr. Olshausen’s Medford office gets busy, but it’s not always because of the constant flow of patients.

“A study recently showed that more than 50% of a physicians time is spent on administration stuff,” he explains.  “That actually has little to do with patient care.”

Administrative work, namely, working with insurance companies, but come this July, everything will change for Dr. Olshausen’s patients.

“Direct primary care allows the doctor to be a doctor again,” he says.

Direct primary care works like a subscription service.  For $75 a month the doctor says a patient can take advantage of some nice benefits.

“Unlimited office visits, typical primary care, and even the opportunity to get big savings on wholesale medications or labs.”

A savings of as much as 50-80%.  But what Olshausen is looking forward to the most is being accessible.

“24/7 they can reach me via phone text email.”

He says you could even get a check up over video chat or a house call.  And while Olshuasen’s practice will no longer include health insurance costs, he does stress that he is in no way is he recommending you walk away from health insurance all together.

“People should still have some kind of insurance,” says Olshausen.  “Something for either specialist care or catastrophic illness.”

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