Medford Police and city leaders reach out to east Medford neighborhood

Medford, Ore. — Law enforcement and elected officials have been out this evening combing a local neighborhood.

Not for criminals, but for feedback.

“If they don’t know what’s going on, if they don’t know there’s problems, then how can they fix them?” Medford resident Brenda Cotta said.

Cotta feels encouraged after city officials sat down with her to hear her concerns.

“To me, that’s really positive. That the leaders would want to hear your concerns and they seemed really sincere,” Cotta said.

Cotta is just one person reached Tuesday evening by Operation C.A.R.E.

About 50 city leaders and law enforcement officers went door to door in the area of Springbrook Road and Cedar Links Drive as a part of the outreach program.

“We get a tremendous amount of feedback that has been very useful over the years and has helped us to make improvements in our roads, in our parks and all of the services we provide,” Medford City Manager Brian Sjothun said.

Medford City Manager Brian Sjothun says this specific community in East Medford was chosen this time because of two major projects that may impact the neighborhood.

“One of them is the traffic or transportation project on Cedar Links and Springbrook and then we also have two park projects,” Sjothun said.

Cotta told city leaders she wants to see the Cedar Link park finished and she’s also concerned about crime in the area.

“In the last three years, ya know, you don’t really want to leave anything on your porch – any packages or anything,” Cotta said.

She says she was thankful to find out law enforcement was concerned about the crime as well and she’s hopeful something will be done.

“They took notes. So that’s good,” Cotta said.

Medford City Council will be presenting the results of the surveys on October 19th.

All the city departments will also have a list of action items to follow up on with residents.

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