Medford to start using cameras to catch speeders

Medford, Ore.- Beginning April 1, 2018, two red light cameras in Medford will also begin helping police enforce the speed limit.

MPD is implementing photo speed enforcement at the intersections of Central and 4th Streets and Riverside and 8th Streets. Only warnings will be issued for the first 30 days, meaning speeding tickets will start being issued on May 1.

Currently, there are traffic enforcement cameras at four intersections in Medford. Medford Police Sergeant Don Lane says the cameras have led to a reduction in drivers running red lights, as well as a decrease in overall crashes in the area.

“As far as photo enforced intersections are concerned, many drivers will speed through the intersection in an attempt to avoid a red light citation,” said Sgt. Lane. “It is our belief that knowing there is a potential for a speeding citation at these intersections will reduce the frequency of this act and increase the safety of our intersections.”

House Bille 2409 allows Medford Police Department to enforce vehicle speeds through traffic enforcement cameras.

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