Messy day of clean up after winter storms

Jacksonville, Ore.– Wet weather conditions made for messy clean up Tuesday from trees falling on homes to water flooding neighborhoods.

In Jacksonville eight trees fell onto a rooftop. A local tree service company responded with chain saws to relieve the roof line.  Advanced Tree Service owner Will Danielson says last night’s storm has kept his phone ringing off the hook.

“There’s some damage to the roof and the gutters so we are just getting that off so we can cover it for the night,” says Danielson.

Meanwhile just down the street, a family endured wet conditions to remove a tree branch that snapped of and landed on their roof. A witness says the heavy limb crashed down over night.

“I said we need to be careful and watch that tree,” says Amanda Allen. “And like 20 seconds later it went crack and smack.”

In Gold Hill, residents of an RV park scrambled to line their neighborhood with sandbags. Water pooled near busy highway 99 outside the complex and with each passing car a steady stream of water sloshed into a fast moving stream. Residents said they had yet to hear back from the county for help.

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