Organization expansion could lead to another Medford pool

Medford, Ore. —   America’s Best Kids and Athletic Edge has acquired the former Rogue Valley Swim and Tennis Club off North Phoenix Road.

Now the organization is in the middle of a big project with multiple phases to offer more athletic and sports space.

“I think two of the things the valley really needs right now is both indoor court space and more pool space,” America’s Best Kid’s President Don Berryessa.

It’s a question we’ve heard before: when will Medford have another pool?

America’s Best Kids in Medford plans to build an aquatic center with two pools in the near future.

“The void needs to be filled and if we can do it on this property with some of our existing assets around here, we’d love to take part in that and see what we can do,” Berryessa said.

Working to offer more space for sports and athletic enrichment, America’s Best Kids and Athletic Edge acquired the former Rogue Valley Swim and Tennis Club last December.

“It’s kind of a staple on this side of town,” Berryessa said.

ABK President Don Berryessa says the first phase of the project is to build three multi-purpose indoor courts that would host basketball, volleyball and futsal.

“In a matter of a few minutes, we can kind of convert from one floor to another,” Berryessa said.

He says they’re also adding a full fitness center.

“Almost two decades the community has really supported our business and I guess we kind of feel that we all have an obligation to give back,” Berryessa said.

The second phase of the project will focus on the outside of the building.

That means beautifying the building itself, but also improving the tennis courts and expanding the pool.

“As our children have moved forward over the years, it’s another thing that the community needs,” Berryessa said.

Berryessa says there might even be two more phases to the expansion after.

But for now, the organization is taking it one step at a time.

“Sometimes the community kind of tells us what they want,” Berryessa said.

America’s Best Kids and Athletic Edge expects to open the second location on March 1st.

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