Pennsylvania dad treating autistic daughter with medical marijuana

ALBRIGHTSVILLE, Penn. (WBRE) – A Pennsylvania father is making history, becoming the first parent in the state to treat his daughter’s autism with medical marijuana. He hopes it will help her live a normal life.

Something as simple as singing the Alphabet is a major milestone for Cora Haloskie. The five-year-old from Albrightsville and her twin brother TJ have autism. Their father, Jeremy, says Cora’s symptoms were more severe. She was having meltdowns, sometimes 10 or 15 in one day.

Jeremy said, “There was times that I didn’t know what to do, I was so frustrated, almost hopeless, because I didn’t really have any options, and the therapies were working, but so slow!”

That’s why–after doing a lot of research–this dad decided to try a less traditional treatment. Jeremy is one of the first certified caregivers in Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program.

Jeremy said, “It takes courage to take a step forward, and as a parent, you’ll always do what’s best for your child.”

Jeremy described Cora’s prescription: “We put a little bit of this paste, almost half the size of a pencil tip on my finger, and then I administer it orally.”

And the results speak for themselves. “Hi, I Cora!”

Not only has medical marijuana reduced her repetitive behavior–and the meltdowns–but it also helped Cora find her voice. Jeremy said, “Say, ‘I love you daddy!’” and Cora replied, “I love you, daddy!”

And after just eight doses, she had her first conversation with her dad. It was a disagreement over a cookie. But for Jeremy, it was a blessing. He explained, “I laugh because she gave me a little bit of sass with it, but I walked away and thought, ‘Wow, that was the first time we actually talked back and forth!’ And I was so grateful!”

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