UPDATE: Man arrested after standoff with police

Update (02/03 6:30pm): Medford, Ore. — A man is in custody tonight, facing multiple charges after police say he violated a restraining order against a family member and barricaded himself inside with a knife when police arrived. It started shortly after 10 Wednesday morning, and a 3 hour standoff ensued. NBC5 was first on scene as police attempted to negotiate with the man inside.

Neighbors watched on as police surrounded a home on the 2400 block of Alma Drive in Medford. Police attempting to make contact with 30-year-old Justin Salinas, a man police say wasn’t supposed to be there.

“It was a restraining order violation, with a suspect that was on scene,” Lieutenant Mike Budreau of the Medford Police Department says, “he produced a large knife on his person.”

“The officer tried to deploy a Taser that was not effective, and the the subject was able to run into the house and shut the door.”

The victim escaped, and a 3 hour standoff followed.

“He’s very well known to law enforcement,” Lt. Budreau says, “repeated calls at that location.”

Police say their efforts to establish contact with Salinas were ineffective.

“He was yelling basically through the walls, but the communication was very poor.”

After obtaining a search warrant, the SWAT team entered the back of the home, police say that’s when Salinas came out the front – unarmed but uncooperative.

“He wasn’t complying with commands, he wasn’t showing his hands, he wasn’t getting down on the ground, and ultimately we utilized a Taser to take him into custody which was effective.”

Salinas was checked out by medical staff on scene before being taken to jail. He’s facing charges of violating a restraining order, resisting arrest, interfering with police and a pair of warrants.

Students who were being dropped off from the school bus were escorted home by police. The road reopened to traffic at about 1:30pm.

Medford, Ore. — Officers with the Medford Police Department are currently in a standoff situation with one male subject on Alma Drive in Medford.

Police say they received a restraining order violation call from a residence on Alma Drive late Wednesday morning. Upon arrival, police report that a female victim came out the house, and a male subject stayed inside the house and armed himself with a large knife.

The victim is safe and with police and the male remains inside the home. Officers are trying to establish communication with the male subject and a SWAT team is on scene. NBC5 News’ Kristin Hosfelt reports that she can hear a negotiator attempting to talk to the subject.

Police have moved media completely off the street for safety reasons and are asking residents to avoid the area as they try to get the situation resolved.

NBC5 News’ Kristin Hosfelt is on scene and will provide details as they become available. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates as they happen.

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