Portland woman’s invention could help protect local package deliveries

Medfor, Ore.– Thieves caught on a home security camera are shown acting ruthless, and on a mission to take what’s not theirs. But Portland woman, Jody Pettit is trying to change that.

“It made me think there must be something we can do.”

Pettit knows all to well what it feels like to have a package stolen from the front door.

“Four years ago my mother sent me a tea cup that was very special to me. Someone stole it from my front porch.”

So Petit built what she calls a Land Port. The word Portland transposed. It’s a gage steel box that can fit 12 shoe boxes in it. It locks and can be opened with a key code.

“Its’ bolted to concrete or wood or whatever surface you want to.”

Pettit said UPS, Fed-Ex, and the U.S. Postal Service work with the customer to get the pin.

“They have your delivery preferences in communication devices.”

Medford Police Lieutenant Mike Budreau said the Land Port is a good idea.

“This is the time of year it seems like each year more and more people are doing their shopping online.”

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said it has also seen an increase in stolen packages. At MPD alone they’ve seen six stolen boxes in the past couple of months.

“Thieves are trying to take advantage of these types of situations.”

Pettit hopes the Land Port can get the thieves away from front doors.

“It’s made to last a lifetime really,” said Pettit.

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