Precautions for pet owners during a house fire

MEDFORD, Ore. – Firefighters said you should never go back into your home for your pets.

If you evacuate your home in the case of a fire firefighters said you should tell them immediately on scene if there’s any humans or animals still in the house.

They do place human life above those of animals.

They say going back into a home of fire can be extremely dangerous.

“Oh I am just going to go back in for a second to look for the dog or the cat, that second or two is all potentially the smoke is going to need, to have a negative impact on you and prevent you from getting out for the second time.”, said Medford Fire Department.

As a precaution, people with pets or someone in the house that might require special assistance can register for a program called Community Connect.

It’s available to Medford residents but other fire districts have similar services that can be used for this purpose.

This information helps firefighters to be aware of any special situations, when responding to fire.

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