President Obama’s visit causes controversy

Roseburg, Ore. —  President Barack Obama will be visiting Roseburg Friday to meet with the families of the victims of the Umpqua Community College shooting. But some Roseburg residents are expressing concern about his intentions.

“They need support, they need people that genuinely care about the situation, and helping as much as they can,” Jeramy Magallanes says, “I don’t believe that he’s going to come here and just do that.”

Jeramy Magallanes, is the creator of a facebook page that’s growing by the minute. It’s called “Stay out of roseburg”, and it’s directed at the President of the United States.

“I don’t think there were people even in the hospital yet that needed to be seen before he (Obama) got on there and started pushing his agenda of gun control.”

In a statement the family of 18-year-old Quinn Cooper said, “Please don’t let this horrible act of insanity become about who should or shouldn’t have a gun.”

The brother of a surviving victim told CNN the president should focus on the real problem.

“Quit running the gun agenda, it’s not the problem,” Jessy Atkinson says, “It’s our mental health in America. It’s obvious, all of us talk about it, and I don’t know why we’re hiding from it.”

Some residents have expressed their disdain of the page, calling it “embarrassing” and saying the community “should be welcoming of this kind gesture”.

Jeramy says as long as it’s not political, he’ll welcome the president with open arms.

“If he decides to show up and talk to community, I’ll go and listen to what he has to say,” Magallanes says, “if he brings up anything out of sorts as far as the family goes, or this tragedy that has happened I’ll turn my back to him.”





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