Protecting kids from the heat

Medford, Ore. — Keeping kids safe is top priority during this heat wave. It’s something parents and daycares need to work together to do.

So far this year, 27 kids across the nation have died in hot cars. While summer time isn’t always fun and games. When it gets hot, play time can be dangerous.

“The kids even when we’re hot, we want to go inside…. they’re still running around… they’re still playing,” Cathy Cossette said, owner of New Horizons Daycare.

Cossette knows she has to restrict outdoor play, even if the kids want to keep going.

“But sometimes we have to be the one that says – no, we need to go in get cooled off,” Cossette said.

Cossette’s advice is to keep kids in the shade and keep them hydrated – but keep them away from sugary drinks that may dehydrate them.

“We always encourage them to drink as much water,” she said

And no matter how quick your errand may be, you should never risk your child’s health by leaving them in the car.

“it doesn’t take very long for their to be irreversible consequences.” said Captain Nathan Sickler, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

But he said there are right ways to protect kids.

“People are going to have to make educated decisions and not emotional decisions,” Sickler said.

If you see a child in a car, knock on the window and look for a response before breaking a car window.

“Does the child look like they’re in immediate danger? Are they unresponsive? Are they unable to be aroused or responding to any kind of stimulus,” Sickler said.

You should also always involve local law enforcement first.

“Dial 911 and let them know what’s going on before you start doing things like breaking somebody’s windows,” he said.

If you leave a child in a hot car, you could be charged with child neglect.

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