Reactions to gun ban for medical marijuana holders

Medford, Ore. — It’s legal to ban medical marijuana users from buying guns, according to a federal appeals court. The ruling came down on Wednesday.

In Oregon, you can legally smoke pot for fun or for medicinal purposes. No matter why you’re using it, it’s the same drug. But a federal court says it’s legal to treat smokers differently.

“I think it’s very disrespectful to people who are, making a wise choice and choosing alternative medicines to what they try to push on us,” Ramsey Allred said.

Allred runs operations for the medical marijuana dispensary, Dab Town USA, in Medford. He said medical marijuana users are often confused with those who smoke for fun.

“People who smoke recreationally just want to get stoned. Maybe they are looking for medicinal benefits as well, but it’s more of a casual type thing instead of a serious issue like many of our patients,” Allred said.

A ruling this week, said it’s okay to keep medical marijuana smokers from buying guns. Recreational users, don’t face the same restrictions because their use isn’t documented.

“I don’t think that’s any of our business as a gun owner and a shop owner.” Jonathan Purtzer said.

Purtzer has owned Guns R Us for nearly four years. He said there is a way around the ban.

“The people that fill out the background check that’s on them, how they answer the federal questions on the federal 473,” Purtzer said.

473 is the form every customer has to fill out in order to apply for a gun license. It includes the question, “Are you addicted to any illegal substance?”

“Now, marijuana inside Oregon is legal, so that box is kind of null and void now,” Purtzer said.

While the federal ruling will likely lead to more debate, smokers in Oregon have options.

If you do walk into a gun shop to buy a firearm and tell them you have a medical marijuana card, you will be turned away.

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