Read pages from Wisconsin fugitive Joseph Jakubowski’s manifesto

MEDFORD, Ore. – Joseph Jakubowski has been in national news for days. He’s accused of stealing an arsenal of weapons and sending the rambling 161 page manifesto to President Trump.

NBC5 News received dozens of pages of at least one draft of his manifesto yesterday.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin NBC affiliate WTMJ-4 confirmed with a law enforcement official the pages are authentic.

Now, NBC5 is revealing what’s in the partial manifesto.

We received the pages from a GRANTS pass woman who said she got it from Jakubowski. She said the two met online.

The pages are filled margin to margin with anti-government and anti-religion rants.

Authorities believe this manifesto was written by Joseph Jakubowski, a man who is now the subject of a national manhunt.

In it, Jakubowski writes about all the ways he wishes humans could become free from government control.

In the 35 pages obtained exclusively by NBC5 News, Jakubowski refers to health insurance, taxes and religion as examples of the government trying to brainwash its citizens.

“We the people should be out for these sick minded people belonging to the system!” he wrote. “We need to spill their blood!”

We learn from his writings that he’s an artist, but claims government regulations destroyed his passion.

Jakubowski is accused of breaking into a Wisconsin gun store last week and stealing 18 firearms, including a fully automatic M16 rifle.

In this manifesto, he claims he only committed the crime because as a felon, the government took his right to protect himself.

“I have never been a thief!” He wrote. “I hate thieves! However since this system has stolen my natural right to protect and defend life… this system has left me no choice but to commit crime to have the means to protect life!”

He also goes on several rants concerning religion, saying that government and religion are the same thing: “Priests and churches control the presidents and the banks…”

He says he will not bring harm or violence, unless “these terrorist gangs continue their terrorism on human life and force my hand to protect and defend the honor and dignity of life!”

And he writes often about his own death, saying he’s not afraid to die. “I choose my death to be carried out by the hands of the president! The leader of the people! Not in secret either! On live TV,” He wrote. “The only way the system will take control of my life… is over my dead body!”

The law enforcement official who confirmed the authenticity of these pages also said they can’t say for sure if it’s the same copy mailed to the President, as Jakubowski may have written several versions.

You can read the pages obtained by NBC5 News HERE (part 1) and HERE (part2).

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