“Ransom” offered for missing N. California woman

1118-sherri-papiniRedding, Calif. – A website has been created by an anonymous source that reportedly offers a “ransom” for the “immediate release” of missing California mom Sherri Papini.

Papini was reported missing by her husband after he came home from work to find her gone. Her phone was later found on Old Oregon Trail, north of Redding.

The website, sherripapini.com, contains links to the official Find Sherri Papini Facebook page, Twitter account, and GoFundMe account. The page also contains links to the latest news articles regarding Papini’s disappearance.

A letter on the website offers a “ransom reward for the person who abducted Sherri Papini”. Law enforcement has not come to the singular determination that Papini has been abducted.

KRCR News Channel 7 spoke with Sherri Papini’s husband, who said the letter was authentic. He said he has spoken with the anonymous source’s spokesperson, Cameron Gamble.

The letter reads as follows:

This letter is for the person who has Sherri Papini.

I am willing to confidentially pay you cash immediately for her release. I am a visitor in Redding who heard of Sherri’s disappearance and want to see her returned to her family.

I am willing to pay you in whatever way you can creatively think about where you feel safe and where nothing can be tracked to you. I will not communicate with the police, Sheriff’s department regarding any details about this offer.

I am not interested in leads to her disappearance; I am only interested in paying for her immediate release.

I set up an email address and disposable phone. I don’t want anyone to know who I am, just as you don’t want anyone to know who you are. This would be between you, my negotiator and me only.

I will only be in Redding for the next few days before I leave on my next business trip. I have the cash ready to give to my negotiator 24/7 as soon as you reach out to him using the contact information below.

Please email me at [email protected] or call my negotiator at 530-351-2748.

If you email me, send a photo of Sherri with today’s newspaper in front of her.

You can also text this image of Sherri to the phone number above. You can get a disposable phone at Wal-Mart or many other stores, so nothing can be tracked to tyou.

If you call my negotiator using the number above, he will want to ask her a couple questions so we can confirm it’s her. If she can’t talk for any reason, then you must provide us a photo of her with today’s newspaper in front of her.

A note to scammers who will try to pretend you have Sherri. This phone does not have call waiting. If you call and pretend you have Sherri you may be preventing the real person from reaching us. My hired negotiator has negotiated ransom releases for people all over the world, so he will determine immediately if you are lying.

A note to the press. Please don’t call this number. You can send an email to the email address listed and my negotiator will call you back.

A note to the Redding Police Department and Shasta County Sheriff’s department. Please don’t threaten me, I have received legal counsel and what I am doing is within my rights.

Once I leave town this offer is off the table. So, if you want to be paid a cash ransom reward contact us immediately.

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