‘No contest’ plea to fatal shooting on Bly Mountain

Klamath Falls, Ore. – A 21 year old Klamath County man is headed to prison for 20 years for murdering a man on Bly Mountain.

We caution that the story opens with audio of the 911 call from the victim during his last moments alive, some viewers may find this disturbing.

61 year old Steven Edward Dann called 911 for help as he was being shot…

“What’s going on?’  – ‘I’ve been shot.’ – ‘What did you say?’ – ‘I’ve been shot.’ – ‘You’ve been shot?’ – ‘NO!’ – ‘what is your address?’ – ‘ohh…ohh…’ – ‘Hello?’

The shooting took place on May 10th of 2014.

Dann’s neighbor Marc Thomsen described him as harmless.

“He was one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.”  Recalled Thomsen.  “I don’t think anybody’s every heard him say anything bad about anybody.”

Police arrested 21 year old convicted felon Richard Hamilton Tallent in January of this year, and charged him with Dann’s murder.

Tallent pleaded ‘no contest’ to a charge of first-degree manslaughter Tuesday, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison as part of a plea agreement.

“There’s evidence that he shot into the opening, the open door of the victim’s home.”  Klamath County Deputy District Attorney Michael Swanson stated in court.  “The victim was struck, called 911 – and during that call, there was another shot that occurred.”

Tallent could have been sentenced to life in prison if found guilty of murder.

While the case has been resolved, Marc Thomsen says that Dann’s murder has changed life on Bly Mountain…

“I’ve never locked my house before he got killed.  And I’ve locked it every day since.  And a lot of people on the mountain started packing afterwards.”

Richard Tallent told police that he had planned to commit the murder with others – but no other arrests have ever been made.

As part of the 20 year plea, Tallent will not be eligible for early release.

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