Oregon Tech radiologic program gets $1,850,000 upgrade

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Oregon Tech unveiled new cutting edge technology in their Radiologic Science program. The investment is estimated at nearly $2 million.

“This is the single largest procurement of X-ray equipment in the history of our program,” explained Associate Professor Don McDonnell. “We’ve been around since 1952.”

The medical use of X-rays began in 1895. David Widmann of Konica Minolta Healthcare noted the technology has come a long way since then. “What’s changed in the last ten years is we’ve been able to take what was a film-based business, and turn it into a digital-based business,” Widmann said.

Those instantaneous images can be manipulated and emailed anywhere for expert diagnosis.

McDonnell noted the new technology is also movable, and adaptable. “It makes it easier on the patient, because we move the machine around the patient.”

The partnership with Konica Minolta could extend to other programs at Oregon Tech, according to McDonnell. “We’re in negotiations for intern opportunities for our engineering programs.”

Widmann said the company will also benefit from the arrangement. “We have a partner now to test new equipment, and new concepts.”

Patients will benefit from having graduates trained with cutting-edge technology. “That’s a win for everyone,” Widmann pointed out. “It’s a win for medicine, it’s a win for the university, it’s a win for Konica Minolta.”

The Radiologic Science Lab is located in Oregon Tech’s Martha Anne Dow Center for Health Professions.

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