Republicans release Benghazi report

NC_benghazi0628_1500x845Washington, D.C. (NBC News) — The report of the Republican-run House Benghazi Committee was released Tuesday after a long and dramatic investigation.

Despite years of investigation and charges of partisanship, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton comes away without any fresh damage.

Tuesday’s Benghazi report revealed nothing new about Hillary Clinton’s role and the revelations do not look like they can affect the November election. “It’s time to move on,” Clinton said today.

Still, new details from September 11th, 2012 are riveting. With two Americans dead and two more soon to be, Defense Secretary Panetta ordered US forces to Benghazi, but no plane was ready and no decision made if the force should go covertly.

The report reveals 35 Americans were saved, not by local militias, but by “former military officers” from Moammar Gadhafi’s regime. US forces were too late to help and never went.

“The government failed its people and lied to the public in the aftermath,” Rep. Martha Roby of Alabama said.

After the report was released, committee chair Trey Gowdy and his Republicans avoided singling out Hillary Clinton. Gowdy denied his two year, $7 million probe targeted Clinton. She charged the committee’s goal was to damage her candidacy.

Gowdy admitted Congress does, what he called, a lousy job conducting non-partisan investigations and he said the American people deserve better.

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