Rogue Valley residents celebrate Father’s Day with family

White City, Ore. — Well it was certainly a beautiful day to get outside for father’s day.

Some found themselves at a local winery to spend time with family.

Fathers and their families made it out to Kriselle Cellars in White City today to celebrate the one day of the year dedicated to dads.

“I would say it’s definitely a 10 out of 10. Ya know, just enjoying the weather, enjoying the drinks, enjoying the fun,” Rogue River resident Will Isley said.

Isley says it’s a time to slow down and realize what makes the day so special.

“During father’s day you just think back at how much time and everything you’ve invested into your children and stuff and it’s basically just a chance for them to let you know how appreciative they are,” Isley said.

The kids are choosing to show their appreciation in a way that many would find noble.

“You know we’re just letting them win to make them feel better about themselves,” the kids said.

But all joking aside, these kids say they’re thankful for their dads.

“I think my dad is just a loving figure that’s always there for us,” the kids said.

And being there for his children is something Isley values every day.

“Fathers are very important in their children’s lives and I think it’s just important that they step up and set a good example for their children” Isley said.

The owner of Kriselle Cellars says they held a special celebration for Father’s Day today to honor the fathers of his employees as well as all the dads in the Rogue Valley.

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Elizabeth loves Zumba dancing, singing and spending time with her family.

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