Russia continues to accuse Ukraine of planning to use a ‘dirty bomb’

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine (NBC) – Russia continues to accuse the Ukrainian military of planning to use a so-called “dirty bomb,” a conventional explosive device laced with toxic nuclear material.

Kyiv and its western allies say Moscow could be making the allegation to justify an escalation of its own as Ukrainian troops are making battlefield gains.

Russia’s accusations about a dirty bomb are now in the third day, and now we are seeing this being kicked up to the United Nations.

Moscow seems to be trying to push this to the Security Council to be discussed and investigated.

Their accusations, on Sunday, were that Ukraine was trying to create a dirty bomb to use it on their own people, and then would blame it on Moscow.

As this issue swirls around, we are hearing more and more from the government of Ukraine that they are outraged by these accusations, even more than that from the international community that these allegations are simply a pretext for Russia’s own escalation of the war.

In fact, President Zelenskyy of Ukraine said if Russia is accusing Ukraine of making a dirty bomb, that probably means that Moscow is planning on making a dirty bomb and using it in Ukraine.

This is all very troubling for the people of Ukraine because a dirty bomb would be a conventional weapon that would spread nuclear material around an area and that kind of weapon would be hard to avoid hurting civilians.

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