Local fighters preparing for upcoming combat sports event

MEDFORD, Ore. – An upcoming combat sports event at the Medford Armory has local fighters training hard for their amateur and professional bouts.

Spartan Boxing Club’s head coach, Troy Wohosky said,

“I got to get back in there and get that ‘w’ and I want to be able to lead by example.”

They say coaches don’t play, but you don’t play boxing, you fight. And some coaches like Wohosky, fight.

“It’s great to show them the hard work, the discipline and if I could do it, you can do it. So that’s why I’m doing it as well, being able to showcase my skills as a coach and putting it in the ring and having them see what I teach,” Wohosky said.

He is the founder of the non-profit, Spartan Boxing, which offers combat classes as well as youth academic tutoring. Wohosky is training alongside many of his students, for the upcoming Arena Wars professional combat sports event at the Medford Armory on February 17th, 2024, which features more than just boxing and that’s where Leon Cavalli comes in.

Cavalli said,

“This is my first title defense so I wouldn’t even consider myself the champion until after I win this fight.”

He is the 135-pound professional MMA arena wars champion. He structures his training to focus on a different discipline each day. This means some days he will train boxing, Muay Thai and grappling and he said any one of these disciplines offer valuable lessons,

“I highly recommend everyone train some sort of martial arts, it’s going to give you a better understanding of what a physical altercation is actually like in real life if you’ve never been in one. And it’s also going to give you some confidence in case scary scenarios happen out in the real world, which things do happen.”

Troy Wohosky said he’s seen a lot of young people involved in violent crimes recently and Spartan Boxing stands to redirect youth and adults, heading down a dangerous path. He says boxing saved his life by giving him discipline and direction and he’s proud to see similar effects for young adults at his gym.

23-year-old amateur boxer Maurice Dixon said,

“Once you see your coach getting after it you know, coach running with you, coach sparring with you, coach in camp with you, it makes you want to push more you know?”

15-year-old amateur boxer, Angelo Sanchez said,

“[Boxing] kept me in shape, kept me happy you know? Like yeah, if it weren’t for this gym too, I probably wouldn’t see myself as good as I am right now. Definitely keeps me happy, it’s a good way to channel bad energy.”

These young fighters will also be competing the day before Wohosky and Cavilli. On February 16th, there will be an amateur event by Arena Wars, also at the armory.

You can find more information on watching the local Spartans fight and other bouts here.

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Maximus Osburn is a reporter for NBC5 News. He studied at California State University-Northridge, graduating with a degree in Broadcasting. Maximus is an avid martial arts enthusiast and combat sports fan. He even traveled to Thailand to train with martial arts experts. Maximus loves movies, nature, and doing things outside his comfort zone, like swimming in sub-freezing lakes in the winter.
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