State lawmakers hear proposed gun safety bills

Grants Pass, Ore., — The legislature took public testimony today on three bills aimed at creating stricter rules surrounding guns.

Lawmakers say the bills close loopholes, and would make communities safer.

But one local gun shop owner says he’s unsure about some of the wording in the bills.

“I think gun safety is really important.”

Evan Austin is one of the owners of The Armory in Grants Pass.

An avid gun rights supporter, Austin says safety is always top priority when selling to customers.

“I think it’s important that we know people who are allowed to carry concealed in our community, are safe with a gun.”

The Oregon State Senate is working to improve gun safety.

The three proposed bills call for stricter rules when it comes to gun sales.

Senate Bill 797 would prevent the sale of a gun indefinitely, if a background check does not go through.

Right now, police have three days to return a background check.

If it isn’t returned in that time, the buyer can go ahead and complete the purchase.

Austin is worried that could cause unnecessary issues for some owners.

“A lot of times a delay on a firearms purchase comes from nothing more than an address correction, or the county records department taking forever to look something up. Just because your check is delayed, doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.”

Senate Bill 868 says if someone thinks another person is at risk of suicide or causing harm to others, their guns can be taken away.

Senate Bill 764 would require a study by Oregon State Police on why some of the concealed carry applications are denied.

While Austin is supportive of stricter laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, he wonders where we draw the line?

“You have a second amendment right, and to take that away is not a good thing, at the same time where does it start and where does it stop?”

Another proposed bill would require someone to take a live fire training course before receiving a concealed carry permit, that one did not hear public comment today.

All three of the senate bills will now move forward.

Each currently has bi-partisan support.

However, they are all opposed by the Oregon Firearm Federation.

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