Student safety first for Medford School District as heat wave looms

MEDFORD, Ore.– The extreme heat heading towards the Rogue Valley has local school districts watching children closely.

The Medford School District says it will be monitoring temperatures over the next two days for student safety. The district follows OSAA rules that state if temperatures exceed 105 degrees all outdoor activities and sports will stop.

According to Natalie Hurd, communication specialist for the school district, sports teams and other outdoor activities will adjust their practices accordingly.

“So cross country, for example, will practice in the morning instead of the afternoon and make some tweaks like that so students can do what they need to do without having to do it in the superheat of the day,” said Hurd.

The school district says it has trainers on staff who can help if anyone suffers from heat exhaustion. Each school is equipped with air conditioning to help manage the heat and keep things comfortable indoors.

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