Medford woman and veteran turns 100 years old

MEDFORD, Ore. – A Medford woman, and veteran born in England, turned 100 years old.

She was able to celebrate the birthday with her friends and family on Sunday (12/3/2023).

100-year-old, Silvia Mason said,

“You never knew what was going to fall from overhead, you know? It was one of those things, you literally did live from day to day.”

Today Silvia mason lives at Brookdale Medford Senior Living.

But early in her life, she served in the British army during World War II for five years.

Her family and friends from over the years celebrated her 100th birthday, which she says was a surprise.

She said,

“I have been leading a very quiet life, so it’s nice to have the excitement but you know it’s sort of strange.”

In that quiet life, Mason had managed to touch the hearts of many people.

Among those celebrating her 100th birthday, were actually buyers of her paintings, which she is very well known for.

She says she also worked with Walt Disney as a photographer and special effects person, for over 30 years.

She said,

“It brings back so many people that you’ve known, you know? And lost. In a way it’s very sad, that you used to be a group. But this is so kind of people to have done this.”

Mason tells me that in her life, she did her best to not be worried about the unknowns and to rather be thankful for what she does know.

She said,

“You can plan to a certain extent, but you don’t really know and a lot of it is very unexpected. Yeah, it’s how life develops.”

The rest of the evening, everyone was able to enjoy food, drinks and above all: tea.

Which is what Silvia Mason said is the secret to a long life.

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