SOU students raise awareness for the homeless crisis

Ashland, Ore. – About 20 Southern Oregon University students braved the cold for this year’s “Sleep Out” event. Their goal is to raise awareness about the conditions homeless people face while living on the streets.

These students will be spending the entire night outside, some only with the clothes on their backs. The event organizer says he’s hoping this event can open the eyes of the students, and help them to understand what it’s like to live on the streets, even just a little bit.

“The whole time they’re prompted to think about their own lives and the lives of others and how do we move on when we’re faced with challenges that are outside of us and we can’t do anything about at times,” Sleep Out organizer, Luis said.

Tonight, the temperature is supposed to get down to thirty degrees, but the goal is to stay outside all night and get the full experience. The people at the event will participate in bonding activities to get to know one another better.

Also, the students want to challenge to put themselves in the shoes of the homeless in the valley. It’s the second year they’ve held the event.

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