Trespasser shot by police in Grants Pass

Residents were stunned to hear around a dozen gunshots this morning on the 1,400 block of Wineteer Lane in Grants Pass.

Witnesses say a little after 9:15, three police cars pulled up to a house after a man was allegedly trespassing and trying to forcefully enter a truck.

Police say the man came at them with a gardening tool.

Then the shots were fired.

Neighbors tell me they ran for cover immediately.

“My grandson was standing out there with us, and then it was like ‘let’s get inside instantly!’… It’s kind of scary. We were basically just a few feet away. Butted occasionally we get a few people trying to break into cars, but nothing like this,” says Rick Finwall, owner of AutoPro in Grants Pass.

Several neighboring businesses say the suspect was spotted earlier this week in the area.

Police identified him as 39 year-old Johnny James.

They say he is now at three rivers medical center, where he’s in critical condition.

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