Two South Medford students sent to hospital

MEDFORD, Ore.–  Two days ago a student from South Medford High School was sent to the hospital in what police say was reported as an overdose. Now two more students were rushed to the hospital earlier Thursday leading police to believe all three cases might have some connection.

However, Medford School District says the two incidents are not connected but all three cases remain under investigation leaving few details available at the moment.

Currently, what is known is both incidents involved 15-year-old boys. One involved in Tuesday’s episode and two involved in Thursday’s. All three students were sent to the hospital as a precaution and school district officials have reported they are all okay.

While it’s unknown still what may have caused the first incident, police did find substances pertaining to marijuana with the two students involved in Thursday’s incident. In a interview with Medford School District’s Communications Specialist Natalie Hurd, she confirmed that the 911 calls made were for medical reasons and that the two students on Thursday “got sick and we believe that marijuana related products were a factor.”

Medford Police say they believe substances found were marijuana edibles of some kind but samples have been sent to see if they contained anything else besides marijuana.

“There’s oils, there’s edibles, there’s of course the leaf marijuana so there is a lot of ways people can ingest it,” said Lt. Mike Budreau, Medford Police. “Each way they ingest it you know has a different effect on them and a lot of times kids don’t know that.”

All three students were found on South Medford’s campus at the time 911 was called. On Tuesday’s incident it was reported the student was found in one of the school’s bathrooms. The school district declined to release the location of where the two students on Thursday were found.

As the school district pointed out though, it’s campuses are supposed to be drug and alcohol free.

“Drugs of any kind are not allowed on campus and if there is reason to believe that a student was indulging in that kind of activity on campus then there will be disciplinary action,” said Hurd.

Medford Police also want to stress that supplying a minor with drugs such as marijuana is a major offense.

“The law is actually quite strict about giving marijuana to minors and a lot of people don’t realize that it’s actually a felony charge,” said Lt. Budreau. “To give even just a little bit of marijuana is a felony charge.”

Lt. Budreau says minors supplying other minors with drugs is a felony as well. But in a state that allows legal marijuana to adults these types of incidences are expected.

“We’re not really surprised that the edibles had this severe reaction,” he said. “But I think it’s a reminder for folks that engage in this type of legal activity to make sure that your kids don’t get access to your marijuana or and certainly don’t provide kids with marijuana as well.”

So far no one has been charged but police believe charges will be filed if they find a suspect. The school district declined to comment on if any of the boys were disciplined.

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