Uber helps Rogue Valley locals through hiring process to become a driver

Medford, Ore.- Manus Burns types away on his laptop while working to help Southern Oregonians interested in becoming Uber drivers to prepare for their new opportunity as drivers.

“We came here today to make sure that our partners felt supported. That they were ready to go,” Manus Burns, Uber Greenlight Operations Manager, says.

Burns and his two other Uber associates came down to Medford from their home town of Portland looking for what Uber calls ‘partners,’ A.K.A. drivers.

Why did people come in today to chat with Burns?

“They came in to either on-board, or check that their paperwork and all their on boarding, that they had done it correctly,” Burns explains.

Monday, Manus Burns and his two Uber associates held two two-hour sessions at Mellelo’s in Medford. One in the morning and one in the evening.

Almost anyone can apply to be a driver according to Burns, but there are certain standout qualities they look for. He says those qualities are a courteous and fun person.

Even though a lot is still uncertain when it comes to how Uber will operate in the Rogue Valley – like whether there will be airport pickups or when drivers will hit the road – Manus Burns says that opportunities are still out there for anyone looking to be a driver.

“The best thing about this area is that a partner can register completely on their own through the app or online.”

So whether they’re driving in a big city like Portland or a small one like Medford, Burns says that Uber and it’s drivers have the same goal.

“The base of it, it’s hopefully a very similar experience which is connecting partners and riders.”


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