Man walks across the country for mental health and drug recovery awareness

NORTH BEND, Ore.- A man is walking across the country to spread the message of mental health and drug recovery.

Kyndal Ray Edwards’ walk came to him in 2013, but it didn’t take off until after he got himself clean from drug use and out of prison. He told NBC5 he was inspired by newspaper articles about a man who had taken a similar journey across the country. Edwards realized he would need to change a lot in himself before he could begin his journey.

Almost ten years later, he began what he called his “dream” in Jacksonville Beach, FL on January 1st, 2022.

“I was like, what can I walk for and it was everyday on social media people were talking about a loss of a life to drug overdose or suicide,” Edwards told NBC5.

Through 13 states and a Hernia surgery, Edwards made it to Long Beach, Washington in April, on his four year anniversary of being drug free. This walk turned out to be over 3,000 miles.

Now, Edwards is continuing his walk for mental health and drug recovery by hitting the ‘four corners’ of the country. He’s making his way down the west coast and passed through North Bend December 11th.

He says if he can prevent one person from taking their life or overdosing on drugs, he’s done his job.

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