Mysterious heirloom found in Sheriff’s Office’s evidence room

COOS COUNTY, Ore. – While the Coos County Sheriff’s Office was cleaning out some old evidence, they made a mysterious discovery.

Coos County Sheriff, Gabe Fabrizio said while they were clearing out some space in their evidence room, they came across a unique-looking scrapbook.

Fabrizio said there was no case number associated with the book and they had no idea how or why they got their hands on it.

The Sheriff’s Office sent out a Facebook message to ask the community if anyone knew who the book belonged to.

It didn’t even take a day for someone to reach out with an answer.

The book turned out to belong to the mother of a 90-year-old resident of the Myrtle Point Care Center, Doretta Rutten.

“As we opened it up and started going through and she started recognizing some names and saying who this is bringing back memories and she said at least I have that its great to have these memories and it was honestly really emotional for the both of us,” said Sheriff, Gabe Fabrizio.

Fabrizio said the book is over 100 years old and contained lots of holiday cards, news articles dating back to World War Two, and family photos.

All these years later the book has finally been returned to its family.

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