Video: Oregon girl temporarily paralyzed by tick bite

Video showing an Oregon girl struggling to stand after being bitten by a tick is enough to frighten any parent.

An eastern Oregon family shared video of their daughter, Evelyn, after her legs became suddenly paralyzed.

According to a Facebook post, they rushed her to the hospital where they quickly learned the cause of her illness was an American Dog Tick latched onto the girl’s head.

Her parents never even knew it was there.

Experts said tick paralysis can occur within five of seven days of the tick being attached.

The illness can cause paralysis of the arms and legs, even death if the paralysis progresses to the respiratory system.

However, symptoms typically disappear shortly after the tick is removed – and that’s just what happened to Evelyn.

Her parents said she is doing much better, and is “pretty much completely back to her feisty little self.”

The family said they want to use what happened to Evelyn to spread awareness about tick paralysis. “It’s not terribly common for this to happen but it’s good to be aware that if your children or pets start having weakness in their limbs to look for a tick!”

Doctors said to check kids for ticks after walking in tall grass or spending time outdoors. Ticks can also hitch a ride and hide in socks, shoes and other articles of clothing before they find a host.

They add pets can bring ticks indoors, so always keep an eye out – especially during warmer months when ticks are actively feeding.

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