in this together

ITT: The Numbers

Blakely McHugh from NBC5 News recognizes our community partners that have made “In This Together” possible. Thank you to Asante, the United Way of Jackson County, Harry & David, Central Point Police, Jackson County Health & Human Services, and AllCare Health. Thank …

ITT: Teamwork

In this message, we recognize our “In This Together” partners and look back at the impact these messages of hope has had so far. Thank you to Regence, Cow Creek Umpqua Tribe, Harry & David, Providence, and Banner Bank. NBC5 News Anchor …

In This Together: Men

Blakely McHugh from NBC5 News addresses this message to the men on our community. She reinforces that it is OK to ask for help, and shares some options for letting off stress.

In This Together: Teens

Blakely McHugh from NBC5 News shares a special message directed at the youth in our communities. Coming back to school may have been difficult for you, but there are options available to you to help.

In This Together: Coping Skills

Blakely McHugh from NBC5 News talks about the importance of focusing on your mental and physical health. This is especially important now, as we deal with the on-going pandemic, and the impact of last year’s devastating fires. She shared tips to help …

In This Together: Senator Wyden

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden talks about the mental health crisis caused by the pandemic and devastating fires in Southern Oregon. He reminds us it is OK to ask for help and important for us all to know the signs.

In This Together: Positive Chatter

Blakely McHugh from NBC5 News shares a message about positive chatter, which means sending good and reinforcing messages to yourself. There’s nothing unusual about talking to yourself, just make the choice to do it in a positive way that will build you …

Suicide rate for Jackson County is down

MEDFORD, Ore. – With the increase in isolation this year, the suicide rate is up nationwide. However, Jackson County Mental Health told NBC5 it has seen a decrease in suicide. The organization said for the past few years it has tried educating …