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Financial Quick Hits: Day Trading

In this week’s Financial Quick Hits with Kevin McDermott the topic is day trading. Kevin defines the term day trading and explains why it is not investing, but rather speculation.  He also talks about the importance of patience, consistency and thinking long-term …

Financial Quick Hits: Active or Passive

This week’s Financial Quick Hits with Kevin McDermott is about active and passive portfolio management.  Kevin explains the differences between the two. He also shares that determining which is right for you depends on your investment objectives and financial plan.

In This Together: Midlife Crisis

Middle age can often turn into a midlife crisis. NBC5’s Blakely McHugh talks about the stresses we face, and encourages us to learn the proven coping skills that will help us get through it. Remember: It is okay to ask for help. We …

In This Together: Seniors

This message from NBC5’s Blakely McHugh is for our seniors, those have experienced so much, and have so much still to offer. There is a special line set up for Senior Loneliness: 1-800-282-7035  Please call, or encourage someone you know to call. …

Financial Quick Hits: Bonds

This week’s Financial Quick Hits with Kevin McDermott is about bonds.  Kevin explains what a bond is and how they are used in investment portfolios. He shares that bonds are also referred to as fixed income, and outlines how that fits into …

Financial Quick Hits: Managed Investment Funds

This week’s Financial Quick Hits with Kevin McDermott is about managed investment funds. Kevin talks about how managed investment funds work, and explains how portfolio managers work with these investment funds, and what discretions they have in making investments.

Open for Business: Flying Lark

Open for Business featuring Michael Walters, Marketing Director for the Flying Lark. He shares what people can expect in the coming months as construction progresses on this entertainment center in Grants Pass, located adjacent to Grants Pass Downs. The center will include …

Financial Quick Hits: The Markets

This week’s Financial Quick Hits with Kevin McDermott is about financial markets. Kevin outlines the three major markets in finance, and explains the meaning of the terms “bear” and “bull” markets.

Better Health: Delta Variant

The following is sponsored content: NBC5 has teamed up with Asante to bring you Better Health, a segment to bring you tips on staying healthy. This week, we talk about the Delta variant with Dr. Pratibha Seshadri.  Find out more by watching …