Week 11: Barn Door

Barn Door-

Our first project is a design changer for many homes.  Adding sliding barn door hardware to a door slab not only creates more room in a home by taking away the door swing, it also helps to create new separate  spaces by closing off hallways and walkways.

First, measure the area or doorway you would like to have a sliding door.  Make sure the door you pick will cover and overlap the opening.  There are many styles to choose from.  Doors with glass inserts are great for areas with low light.   Two doors can be placed side by side for a double opening.  Remember, Habitat for Humanity Restore has quite a selection of door slabs to work with.

Order the sliding door hardware from Amazon.  Great prices. Most start out at $49.99 with free shipping.  Verify measurements when you order to make sure the top rail fits your opening.

Fill any holes and sand smooth.

Pick your primer and paint. (Also available at the Restore) Check the labels, some paint has primer in it.  Whichever one you pick, you will want to paint 2 coats.  Chalkboard paint is great to use in a pantry or kids room.

Follow the instructions on the hardware for door installation.

Items needed-

Door slab/old door
Barn door hardware
Measuring tape
Paint brush
Plastic sheeting
Stud finder
Hole filler for wood
Sand paper 100 grit
This is a slightly advanced project as you are going to need to mount to studs in the wall.

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