Week 30: Headboard to bench

This week’s project was a special edition for Women’s Build Week.  We invited our Women Builders to come design and build benches out of Headboards.

This was one of the tougher projects for some as they had never used a drill or miter saw before.  This project for some was about a 4 – 5 hour project.

Look for all of the completed benches and our awesome builders on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/RogueValleyHabitatReStores/

Intermediate level
Time 4-5 hours


2 or 3 – 2×3 8ft boards
2×6 lumber.  These are the seat boards.  How many you need will depend on the width of your headboard.  When picking lumber, always choose lumber with a smooth side.
3 inch wood screws
2 5/8 wood screws
Wood glue
Miter saw
Drill bit to pre drill holes
Bit tip depends on what screws you use
Pliers or wrench to remove old bolts if needed
Sand paper
Palm sander
Tape measure

Instructions – If using footboard as sides, see section 2 instructions.

  1. Remove old hardware from headboard
  2. Measure width of headboard
  3. Cut 2 boards the width of the headboard.
  4. Cut 3 boards at 14 inches each.
  5. Lay 4 boards on even surface in a rectangle pattern.  Screw together with 2 5/8 screws
  6. The third board that was cut at 14 inches is your center brace.
  7. Screw all boards together. Use 2 screw in each end of your long boards.  Use a square or tape measure to evenly space screws.  The front screws will also be showing on your bench.
  8. Cut 2 boards at 17 inches.  These will be your front legs.
  9. Place leg boards into the inside corner of your rectangle.  Screw in place using 2 5/8 wood screws.
  10. Set headboard in an upright position.
  11. Move rectangle frame to front of headboard.  Measure headboard by drawing line at where the bottom of your frame sits.  Place a level on a the frame surface. Draw level marks
  12. From back of headboard, place screws to hold frame in place.
  13. If making a queen or king size bench, cut 4 extra 17 inch legs to place evenly spaced on the front and back frame boards for extra stability.  Screwing to the inside of your frame on the front and the Outside of your frame on the back.
  14. Measure the width of your completed frame.
  15. Cut 3 seat boards from 2×6 lumber.
  16. Place all seat boards on frame leaving a space between each board.
  17. Using a square, draw a straight line to follow for screw placement.  Keep all screws on the 2×6 evenly spaced on each end.
  18. When placing screws, countersink slightly into boards so holes can be patched and sealed.
  19. Sand all areas, prime and paint or stain.

Section 2 –

  1. From the edge of your footboard on each end, Measure 18 inches.  Draw lines using a straight edge.
  2. Using circular saw, cut along lines.
  3. Sand cut lines
  4. Remove hardware from Headboard
  5. On a level surface. Place footboard on outside of headboard and screw into place. Going through footboard into side legs of headboard.  See picture of white bench. Verify that all legs are level and at the same height before screwing together.
  6. Follow instruction 2-7 above
  7. Do not cut leg boards unless creating a queen or king size. These will be used as extra legs for stability.
  8. Place rectangle frame in center of headboard and footboard and screw into place. Place screws from the back of the headboard into the rectangle frame.  Then use level and draw lines before screwing sides to side of frame.
  9. For extra stability and strength, L brackets can also be used.
  10. Follow instructions 13-19 above.

Enjoy your new bench!  We have ideas to create pillows, cushions, paint, you name it!  Thanks for following us on this journey through Upcycling.  I can’t wait til the next project.  See you in the workshop at Habitat.  Click the link to be the first to know when there are special deals or projects through the ReStore.  https://www.facebook.com/RogueValleyHabitatReStores/

Thank you,

Deana Petersen
Recycle Repurpose Manager
Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity
Medford, Oregon
(541)779-1983 ext 101
[email protected]

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