Week 29: Outdoor light fixture

I have a project that anyone can do!  Great for spring and summer outdoor lighting.

With an old chandelier, glue and glass bowls, teacups or saucers, you will have the perfect hanging outdoor light fixture/bird feeder.

Beginner project
Time 1 ½ hours – not including glue dry time

Old chandelier
Enough bowls, 4 inch plates or teacups to match how many bulb holders there are
Glue – I prefer E6000, found at Home Depot, Michaels, or Amazon
Wire cutters,
Sand paper
Outdoor spray paint


  1. Remove light bulbs
  2. Remove glass globes
  3. Remove sockets
  4. Cut all wiring out
  5. Sand fixture
  6. Spray paint and let dry
  7. Place on a level surface
  8. Glue saucers, cups or bowls using E6000 glue to the fixture where sockets were.
  9. Wipe off excess glue while its wet with a tissue or paper towel.
  10. Allow to dry.
  11. Use S hook to hook chain together to hang in tree, under a canopy cover, or on a hook.

I will be using mine for citronella candles hanging from 2 different trees.  I can picture it now.  You can also use solar lights.  Enjoy!  See you in the ReStore where we have all of your Upcycle needs!

Thank you,

Deana Petersen
Recycle Repurpose Manager
Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity
Medford, Oregon
(541)779-1983 ext 101
[email protected]

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