Week 12: Old cabinet doors

What do you do with your old kitchen Cabinet doors after a remodel?  You turn them into memo centers and serving trays.


Time needed not including dry time 3 hours

Items needed-

Cabinet doors- Can be flat or with trim
Sand paper – 120 grit and 220 grit
Screwdriver- Have flat head and phillips depending on hardware to be removed
¼ drill bit or larger based on what handles are used for serving tray
1/16 in drill bit to pre-drill holes if making memo center
Dusting cloth
Paint brush or sponge
Chalk Board paint.
Paint – DIY chalk paint recipe follows
Hole patch
Modge podge spray on sealant
Screw in cup hooks for memo center
2 handles per serving tray
Painters tape

Instructions – Memo Center

  1. Remove all hardware from Cabinet doors
  2. Patch holes left from handle and let dry.
  3. Sand with 120 grit sand paper to remove paint or shiny finish
  4. Finish sanding with 220 sandpaper to give a smooth finish.
  5. Tape off areas that you are not painting with Chalk board paint.
  6. Paint center of memo center with Chalk board paint.  This will take a couple of coats and must cure for 48 hours before writing on with Chalk.
  7. Remove tape and paint trim.
  8. After 48 hours you can then stencil any designs on the chalk board.
  9. Add cup hooks for Memo Center or continue on with Step 10 to create serving tray.
  10. Measure distance between handle screw holes on handles.  This is the width you will need to install onto each end of the cabinet door to create a serving tray.
  11. Measure ends of cabinet doors and find center.  Place handles on center and mark where screw will be.
  12. Pre drill screw holes so to not crack wood.
  13. Install handles on the top of the serving tray.

And you are done!  Great job and I’ll see you next project!

Recipe for DIY Chalk Paint-

1 cup latex paint
3 tablespoons cool water
½ cup baking soda

Mix paint and baking soda together.  Mix in water.

If doing a small project I would suggest making a smaller batch as this paint mixture will not keep.  Must be used as soon as mixed.  But looks great!

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