Week 5: Old table to bench

This weeks project was taking a broken end table and turning it into an entry way bench.

  1. Remove top tier of table.
  2. Sand all areas of table with fine sand paper.
  3. On this table they used furniture wax to bring back the natural color to the wood.
  4. Measure top of table for size of pad needed.
  5. Cut pad to fit.
  6. Cut ½ in thick plywood to fit the pad dimensions
  7. Choose a material that is stain resistant and cut 4 inches bigger than the pad on all sides.
  8. Lay material face down and place pad in center.
  9. Lay plywood on pad and pull fabric from the front of the pad to wrap around back of plywood.  Staple every couple of inches all the way around.  Adjust corner folds in material to fit the board.  They prefer “hospital corners” for the streamlining of the material.
  10. When done stapling, place cushion face down on work table.  Lay table face down on top of the cushion and center.
  11. Measure screws needed for the thickness of the table and the plywood.  You do not want the screws to stick all of the way through into the pad.
  12. Screw plywood pad and table together from the underside of the table.  They used 6 screws for stability.
  13. Flip table over and have a seat.  This was a quick project that was completed with leftover materials from other projects.

Time – 2 hours
Beginner project

Materials needed

Foam pad
Furniture wax
Sand paper
Material to fit
Measuring tape


Stayed tuned for my upcycle projects!

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