24k Gold chocolate egg for sale

Ashland, Ore., — Local chocolatier and chef plans to sell a chocolate egg decorated with edible 24 karat gold, with half the proceeds going to the Ashland emergency food bank.

Eric Johnson works full time as a chef at a restaurant in Ashland, but in his spare time he is also a professional chocolatier.

So to fulfill a childhood dream of making a Faberge egg and to create something special for Easter, he decided to combine the two and make a chocolate Faberge egg.

Johnson says, “I knew then at one point I would make a chocolate Faberge egg, now I didn’t know I was gonna be a chocolatier at the time I just knew as kid I’m gonna do this. And 40 years later I’m doing this.”

The whole process took him about two months and $250 to make. He plans to put the egg up for sale tomorrow online.

To find out more about the sale of the egg visit Krishon Chocolates on Facebook.

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