Central Point teen catches the mumps virus

Central Point, Ore. — A Central Point teenager who is up to date with her vaccinations is sick with the mumps.

When Kassidy woke up with swelling in her jaw, her family never expected that she had the mumps.

Jaw swelling, dizziness, headache and nausea are some symptoms of the mumps.

It’s a virus that nowadays isn’t very common.

And for 14-year-old Kassidy, it was a complete surprise.

“All of the kids are required to get their vaccinations and their MMR’s and she’s been up to date, and we were not even concerned with it,” Kassidy’s mom, Jennifer Boorman said.

According to Dr. Jim Shames from Jackson County Public Health, the mumps vaccine isn’t 100% effective, and 5% of those vaccinated, can still catch the virus.

“Especially if you have a number of individuals who are not vaccinated at all, you can spread a disease through a community, and in fact, a majority of the people who may get the disease may in fact be vaccinated,” Dr. Jim Shames said.

Kassidy caught the virus from a wrestling tournament in Redmond mid-January.

North Medford High School sent out an email saying she had been exposed, but due to the 15-24 day incubation period, the family almost forgot until Kassidy woke up with a swollen jaw last Wednesday.

Now, all they can do is wait.

“A little swelling in her jaw and kind of tired and nauseous, but we’re getting better,” Boorman said.

Once again, the symptoms of the mumps include headache, neck swelling, nausea, fatigue and fever.

The virus can be serious but most recover completely within a few weeks.

Jackson County Public Health is meeting Thursday morning to talk about the mumps.

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