DUII patrols will continue into the new year

MEDFORD, Ore.– Law enforcement is reminding everyone enjoying the festivities of the holidays to be mindful on the roads for Christmas Eve.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says it will be running DUII patrols all the way through the new year.

Over the weekend 12 drivers were arrested for DUIIs and deputies expect to see more in the coming week. But as a reminder, they ask that everyone have a plan and a designated driver.

“Statistically, you know there’s an increase in impaired drivers over the holidays and we’d like to reduce that and discourage people from driving impaired and to have a sober driver,” said Sgt. David Penkava. “Enjoy the holidays and enjoy your beverages but have a sober driver.”

Deputies ask that people be especially mindful of winter weather conditions and be on the lookout for aggressive drivers.

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