It takes a community to tackle drug-related crimes, Lake County Sheriff’s Office says

LAKEVIEW, Ore. – After a pair of drug busts in the community of Lakeview, the county’s sheriff is asking for citizens to be their eyes and ears.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said it recently searched a home and found methamphetamine, scales, and packaging materials. It was reportedly the second time drugs were found at the home.

The latest incident prompted the sheriff’s office to issue a statement saying it has zero tolerance for crimes related to drug use.

LCSO stated the following:

On April 3“, 2022 a Deputy responded to report of an adult female delivering methamphetamine to a residence in Lakeview. The investigation led to the application of a search warrant for a vehicle and residence in Lakeview. Once the warrant was approved by the Circuit Court, Deputies with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, along with the assistance of the Oregon State Police, executed the warrant in Lakeview. Methamphetamine, packaging materials, scales, and a firearm were seized during the search of the residence. An adult female was arrested and booked in the Lake County Jail on a charge of unlawful Delivery of Methamphetamine. Several more adults were identified in the residence and additional charges have been recommended to the Lake County District Attorney’s Office.

This is the second search warrant to be executed on the same residence in the past six months. The Sheriff’s Office urges citizens to report suspicious behavior and persons. Oregon law has severely impaired Law Enforcement’s ability to curb the drug problem in Oregon and specifically our Lake County Communities. It takes an entire community to tackle the problem of drug use and the frequent crimes which are associated with the drug trade. The use of Methamphetamine and Heroin causes many tertiary issues in our community. Drug users must maintain their high, this requires income. Many users do not hold jobs and in order to raise funds for their habit they perpetrate property crimes to support their life style. There is a multitude of crimes associated to or attribute with drug usage consisting of burglary, theft, unauthorized entry to vehicles, shop lifting, and the list goes on.

As your Sheriff, along with my Deputies, we have zero tolerance for such crimes. We will vigorously investigate and proactively arrest those who victimize the citizens of Lake County. The drug problem in Oregon has reached an all-time high. We will not allow Lake County to descend into the level of many major cities of Oregon. We will continue to enforce the laws, investigate, and arrest criminals despite the hurdles enacted by politicians.

We ask you to help us, help you. Criminals cannot be held accountable and warrants cannot be issued without cooperating witnesses and victims willing to testify.

Often times Deputies are unable to execute arrests due to the lack of cooperation by citizens who report crimes but are not willing to follow through as witnesses. Our Deputies risk their safety on a daily basis but must have the assistance of the community to prosecute those who continue to victimize our citizens. We urge you to be our community partner, stand and be heard! Let habitual criminals of our community know that you will be the eyes and ears for Law Enforcement for a better Lake County!

The Deputies and staff of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office treasure our citizens and community. We are grateful to you, our citizens and partners in community safety. Please help your friends and neighbors by reporting crime, and more importantly by standing up to criminals and facing them in the Justice system. We CANNOT prosecute criminals without your assistance.

Robert Kennedy quoted;

“Every Society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.”

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