KKK fliers covered by free speech, no further investigation

MEDFORD, Ore.– Sunday morning, residents in an east Medford neighborhood found plastic bags containing a folded piece of paper and a piece of candy.

On the flier was a message from a group claiming to be from an arm of the Ku Klux Klan called the United Northern and Southern Knights.

NBC5 News looked the group up and didn’t see the flier on it’s list of approved handouts.

Neighbors say they were surprised to find the fliers and it was the first time many had seen it in the area.

“We have a lot of retiree, older age people around here but there is a school nearby and a lot of young families as well,” said east Medford resident Russ Stauff. “There’s a little bit of diversity in the neighborhood. I have no idea why they would target this neighborhood.”

Medford Police received multiple reports during the day but said it would not be investigating further.

For some homeowners, they hope this is the last of this.

“I have zero interest in tolerating or supporting a hate group like that,” said Stauff. “It’s alarming. As far as we’re concerned it has no place here – not in Medford or in Oregon.”

Police say they aren’t looking into the matter because the fliers are covered under free speech.




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