Klamath County teen sentenced for murder, rape of his grandmother

Klamath Falls, Ore. – A Klamath County teen is headed to prison for the brutal rape and murder of his Grandmother.

18 year old Alek Nicholas Wright entered a ‘no contest’ plea during a settlement conference Friday morning.

“He plead to murder, and rape in the first degree.”  Explains Klamath County Deputy District Attorney Andrew Kartchner.  “The sentence is a life sentence, without a possibility of parole until 30 years.”

The charges stem from the murder of 74 year old Judith Anne Rose.

Kartchner notes that Rose was killed on New Year’s Eve at her home near Keno.  “We know that there are multiple stab wounds to the throat and neck area, so that was likely the cause of death.”

Prosecutors say the victim had also been raped.

“We know that there was evidence of sexual assault.”  Adds Kartchner.  “In particular, there was DNA testing that gave a fairly conclusive result the DNA was both from the victim and from the defendant.”

The judge is recommending that Wright serve the first few years of his sentence in a juvenile facility.

“Likely until he’s about 25, he’ll be there, and then to prison for the rest of his sentence.”  Stated Kartchner.

Wright will not be eligible for release until he’s 48 years old.

He’ll be on parole for the rest of his life.


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