Local business’ Facebook post angers many

Medford, Ore.–┬áThe words in a controversial Facebook post have Medford business owner Jose Quezada in shock. “She hurt my feelings really bad.”

Wendy Stone of Glamor-US Salon’tells us she wrote the post.
She runs the business next door to Quezada’s. In the post stone vents about her neighbors behavior towards her customers.

Queza said says this whole situation stems from parking in the parking lot. Specifically the two spots in front of Quezada’s business which Quezada said are designated for him under his rental agreement.
The post reads in part, “Please park in front of the door next to the salon where the little Mexican man’s business is.” and later, “Let’s make him wish he was never born.”

Quezada said, “It don’t make sense to discriminate anybody, everybody’s the same.”
Stone declined an on camera interview, but off camera claimed she was reacting to Quezada’s harassment of one of her clients.
She said the post was, “Totally taken out of context. I’m sorry if it offended any Hispanic people or anyone, but that was never my intent.”

The post is getting dozens of shares and a lot of negative feedback.. It’s now been pulled from their page.
And while Quezada admits he has approached Stone’s clients to move their cars, Stone said she never meant any harm, saying quote “It was silly, in the heat of the moment. I am not a racist person.”
NBC5 reached out to the landlord to see if the tenants have designated parking spots
He did not return our phone calls.

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