Day 14: Intimate texts between murder suspect and victim revealed

New information revealed during the Patricia Maccallum murder trial:

The prosecution hopes texts read in court will prove a motive behind the brutal murder of Medford man – Christopher Maccallum.They also hope it proves his wife, Patricia, was his killer.

As the prosecution presents their final arguments, texts were read aloud in the courtroom. The prosecutor paraphrased texts like this one that Chris wrote to Patricia: Are you going to live this marriage or not… you run into a huge financial crisis, you begin to tell me you love me. Except the day before I pay the bills you’re with another guy.”

The prosecution stating this shows the motive for Chris’ murder. They say estranged spouse Patricia was experiencing financial problems – she needed money…. but Chris made it clear: to get his money, she had to have him too. They say she didn’t want that… that’s why she shot him 8 or 9 times at a campsite in northern California.

The case also hinges on proving the validity of step-sister Amber Lubbers damaging eyewitness testimony. Lubbers pled guilty to being an accessory to Chris’ murder.

Prosecuting Attorney Joe lison Aspent hours displaying bullet points of Lubber’s statements – supporting them with corroborative evidence and testimony.

For instance, Lubbers claimed they stopped at Food 4 Less before heading to the campsite where Chris was killed. Alison provided a security photo of the three inside the building.

The prosecutor also reminded the jury— Lubbers has already been convicted. The law states she cannot be convicted again… they say that gives her no reason to lie in court.

The defense will issue their closing remarks soon. All the while Patricia appears more and more serious, her emotions almost breaking through the unblemished veneer she’s exhibited throughout the three weeks of her trial.

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