Firefighters: Homes burn faster now than years ago

JOSEPHINE COUNTY, Ore. —Firefighters say 30 years ago you had about 15 minutes to escape a house fire, today you only have a few minutes.

Rural Metro Fire in Josephine County is continuing to educate the public through an interactive virtual video.

The 360-degree video experience is meant to give  different perspectives of how a fire spreads inside a room.

It says lower quality construction materials, open floor plans, and plastic based furniture, all contribute to rapid fire spread.

“To show people of how quickly fire can actually advance in a room, its down to the minutes now, just maybe 1 minute 2 minutes that you have to react,” says Austin Prince with Rural Metro Fire.

Rural Metro Fire says your best defense in surviving a fire includes always having working smoke alarms, keeping fire extinguishers handy, and creating an escape plan that everyone in your family understands.

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