Gas prices soar in Southern Oregon

Medford, Ore.– You may experience sticker shock the next time you fill your gas tank.

According to AAA, demand for gasoline in U.S. is at the highest level on record for March and that’s causing higher prices across the nation, but especially in Oregon.

The national average has increased four cents up to $2.56 a gallon, while the Oregon average jumped a nickel to $2.98.

Prices in Southern Oregon are even higher than the state average, with Medford and Ashland seeing an average of roughly $3.05 a gallon, up from just under $3.00 a week ago.

Many Southern Oregon drivers said they are not surprised by the trends. Connor Graca of Medford said he has a few gas stations in town he visits loyally because they tend to have lower prices.

“My gas budget has been going up at least $10 dollars every year or so,” said Graca.


According to Marie Dodds, public affairs director for AAA Oregon/Idaho, Southern Oregon tends to have higher prices in comparison to the rest of the state because of the close proximity to California.

“California certainly plays a role. When gas comes to Southern Oregon, it actually comes from California,” Dodds said.  “That’s one reason why prices are higher. We are seeing, though, gas prices jump up in every state.”

California is currently ranked at the second most expensive state for gas prices, behind Hawaii. Oregon ranks fifth.

Dodds said the national high demand for gasoline paired with dropping inventories is what is causing the increase in price.

AAA continues to predict that gas prices will climb to their spring highs between April 1 and June 21.

“Definitely have to get those road trips in now,” said Graca.

For more information on the latest gas prices, you can visit AAA Oregon’s website.

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